Punjabi Tuition



I have 10+ years experience in tutoring - 10 years in Maths and 5 years in Punjabi.

Are you an adult that never got the chance to learn Punjabi?
Maybe you'd like to now learn Punjabi as a family?
Or maybe Punjabi Class just doesn't work for you and your child?

If so - get in touch!

Teaching technique:
I have a Montessori approach to teaching.

For speaking: we take one topic at a time and switch out your normal day-to-day conversations from English to Punjabi. Whether its "Hey. How are you?", or "I'm leaving now, see you later", or "I'm hungry what shall we eat". Switching out day-to-day conversations builds confidence, curiosity and we learn the sentence structure while still being able to hold a conversation.

Similarly for reading and writing: we will take a few letters at a time and learn to recognise them and make simple words from the first lesson. This builds interest and basic skills from day 1 for reading and writing.

How does it work?
I provide a pdf on the day of tuition that can be printed or used electronically and we work through it together with lots of practical activities. I also provide any and all resources including flashcards, games, videos, etc. I typically use Montessori and Phonics based learning as I believe that's the best way to learn - lots of activities and using the theory in practical situations straight away.

Resources we use range from flashcards to workbooks to crosswords and videos.  

I use Google Meet to do the online tuition.

(+44) 07792719514